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Promoting positive body image so we have more leaders of all ages
doing big, meaningful things that make our world better.
5% of every timepiece sold will be
donated to the Free To Be program.
Renae Regehr Founder, Reseacher, Speaker
  • We imagine a world where boys and girls intrinsically know their inherent value and realize they are here for a purpose.
  • We imagine a culture where internal characteristics are highly valued and where boys and girls do not treat themselves as objects to be looked, adorned, or evaluated.
  • We imagine a world where boys and girls grow up to see multi-dimensional, holistic, and healthy portrayals of what it means to be a man or woman.
  • We imagine our sons, daughters, friends, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and other people in our life released from negative self-limiting beliefs and free to cultivate their unique strengths and talents.
Individuals 8-18 years old consume over 7.5 hours
of media a day.
50% of boys and girls ages 6-12 years dissatisfied with their bodies.
69% of girls feel
magazine photos
strongly influence their
idea of the perfect body.
Free to be is a research-backed positive body image program for youth in grades six to eight. Free to empower boys and girls to reach their full potential by developing media literacy awareness, cultivating individual strength, building resilience to social pressures that impact body image and nurturing appositive social environment.
25 Watches
Provides the FREE to be program to one classroom of students.
30 Watches
Provide a parent, teacher, counselor full training and licencing for FREE to be program.
40 Watches
Provides the FREE to be program to two classrooms of students.
60 Watches
Provides the FREE to be program to three classrooms of students.
Please note these calculations are based off the average retail value.
Every Watch Sold Helps the
Next Generation to be FREE to be
Happy, Fearless, Themselves
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